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AMN’s nootropic Actual Intelligence comes with an app to track your results

american made actual intelligence

American Made Nutrition has jumped into the brain boosting nootropic category with a supplement called Actual Intelligence. It brings together a rather unique combination of ingredients, a lot of which you see in other types of products, but not nootropics all that often.

What is it

The formula behind Actual Intelligence features eight main ingredients to help with concentration, attention, memory, and best of all, mental focus. Those ingredients per serving are 35mg of noopept, 50mg of the powerful stimulant DMHA, 50mcg of huperzine A, 15mg of synephrine, 50mg of Octopalean Octopamine, and 100mg each of theanine and alpha-GPC.

american made actual intelligence

The one other ingredient in American Made Nutrition’s Actual Intelligence is the common and always reliable stimulant caffeine, dosed relatively light at 25mg per capsule. The supplement does have a maximum of two capsules at once, so that would double the caffeine to 50mg, as well as obviously all the other ingredients.

Track your results

To help show just how effective Actual Intelligence is, when you purchase the product you get more than just the supplement itself. Each bottle comes with a one-month premium membership for the mobile app Roberto, to test and track your cognitive function.

Where to buy

American Made Nutrition’s latest nootropic product is now available directly through its website for $39.95 per bottle. A full bottle packs a total of 60 capsules which works out to 60 regular servings, or if you want to bump up to two capsules for that 50mg of caffeine, the bottle will get you 30 servings.