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Universal officially introduces its anytime energy formula Amino Octane

amino octane

Universal has unveiled what looks to be the first entirely new supplement featuring its 2018 rebrand. The product is the amino and energy formula Amino Octane, which we did get a sneak peek at well over half a year ago in August of last year.

Thanks to this week’s unveiling of Amino Octane we’ve now got a much better idea of what the upcoming Universal supplement is all about. Like most energy infused amino formulas, Amino Octane combines a handful of ingredients for anytime energy and amino acids to enhance anabolism and prevent catabolism.

While Universal hasn’t released the full facts panel for Amino Octane just yet, it has confirmed what sounds like most, if not all of its ingredients. For energy the supplement packs caffeine, green tea, and theacrine, then on the amino side it has 5g of EAAs including BCAAs, as well as the performance enhancer beta-alanine.

Universal’s Amino Octane is expected to release later this year in the usual 30 serving tub size. We also know it will be available in at least three different fruity flavors with Blue Raspberry, Mango Peach, and Fruit Punch.