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Universal holds on to its signature red bodybuilder for its rebrand

universal nutrition

Universal Nutrition has now completely revealed its all new look, that last week we only got a partial preview of. As previously confirmed, the brand is dividing up its supplements into three collections, and giving them each an updated and slightly different look.

The branding Universal first showed off with the silver on black and the year number “77”, is for its newer complex style products such Amino Octane. You then have a classic yellow on black branding also featuring Universal’s signature bodybuilder silhouette, which is a look for its more traditional, long-running supplements.

The third and final family of products getting its own individual branding is made up of Universal’s natural supplements. That look is a little brighter than the others with a white background, silver print surrounding the consistent letter “U”, and a tree sitting in front of it all.

Universal Nutrition will be releasing more and more shots of its rebranded products in the coming weeks, with the supplements themselves expected to gradually hit shelves over the next few months.

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