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Marc Lobliner talks BCAAs vs EAAs in latest Fitness Informant podcast

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The latest episode of Fitness Informant’s “Be Informed. Live Fit.” podcast is now online and it is one worth catching. In this episode Ryan Bucki of Fitness Informant interviews the founder of MTS Nutrition and CMO of the retailer Tiger Fitness, the machine himself, Marc Lobliner.

The interview touches on a bunch of hot topics including Lobliner’s stance on TRT and performance-enhancing drugs, the battle between BCAAs and the emerging EAA supplements, as well as his upcoming charity event, Real Weights For Real Heroes. Our editor-in-chief also drops by and goes over a few of Stack3d’s top stories from the past couple of weeks.

As always, you can catch the Fitness Informant “Be Informed. Live Fit.” podcast on a variety of platforms. That includes the company’s YouTube channel which we’ve embedded the latest episode from above, as well as iTunes and the Google Play store.

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