New ‘Merica Energy available at Suppz for just over $2 per can

merica energy drink

Earlier this week on Memorial Day, just as ‘Merica Labz promised, the long-awaited launch of the ‘Merica Energy drink arrived. The product was officially introduced through a dedicated ‘Merica Energy website with cases of 12 of the delicious energy drink priced at $29.99, or $34.99 for the variety pack.

Since that direct launch, the exciting new ‘Merica Energy drink has shown up in a number of supplement retailers. Today, we figured we’d take the time to highlight one of the better places to go to get your hands on the product.

The major supplement store Suppz, is one of the many places now stocking ‘Merica Energy, and at one of the best prices you’ll find. Through Suppz you can get the energy drink for $26.99 per case, which is the same across all four of its flavors, including the variety pack with three of each.

For those interested in saving a bit more, Stack3d Insiders can use their exclusive coupon code at Suppz and get 10% discount. That’ll drop the ‘Merica Energy drink down to $24.29 per case and work out to $2.02 per can instead of $2.08.