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GIFD announces Essential Amino Supreme and is already sold out of BMR-4

gifd labs bmr 4 sold out

Just over two weeks after making its second-ever supplement available, Jerry Ward’s GIFD Labs fat burner BMR-4 is completely sold out. In a video, Ward says he had over 200 bottles produced, and while that may not sound like much, it’s very impressive for a brand that wasn’t on the market a month ago.

For fans that missed out on grabbing GIFD Labs’ BMR-4, more stock is expected to arrive soon, within one to two weeks’ time. To go with the sold out announcement, the brand has also confirmed more equally exciting news regarding its next new product and wider availability.

Firstly, Essential Amino Supreme is going to be the next supplement from GIFD Labs, which is a creatively flavored amino formula that isn’t based on the usual BCAAs. The brand’s other bit of news is that it has signed a deal to get into the UK, with other places like Australia and Canada also in the works.

As you can see, it’s all big news coming from Jerry Ward and GIFD Labs, and as mentioned it’s quite impressive knowing the brand wasn’t even available one month ago.