GIFD Labs hopes to change the category with its fat burner BMR-4

May 7th, 2018
gifd labs bmr-4

Jerry Ward’s second GIFD Labs supplement is here, and he fully believes it will change the already very competitive weight loss category. The new GIFD Labs product is BMR-4, which promises a variety of unique fat burning benefits and its formula doesn’t feature any stimulants.

The exciting effects GIFD Labs promotes for BMR-4 include help to burn more calories at rest, stop your metabolism from crashing while dieting, and support for a healthy thyroid. Jerry Ward has packed the supplement with four ingredients to deliver those effects, hence the number four in its name.

gifd labs bmr-4

Much like with GIFD Labs other product, Perfect Post Elite, BMR-4 is a non-transparent formula, so you don’t know the exact doses of each of its ingredients. Making up the new supplement is a 3.725g blend of calcium pyruvate for lower blood pressure and cholesterol, regular l-carnitine, 7-keto DHEA to increase metabolism and fat utilization at rest, and guggulsterones.

To help fans and those interested in trying GIFD Labs BMR-4, Jerry Ward has actually put together a video breaking down all of the ingredients in the product. We’ve embedded that clip above that runs for around six and a half minutes and really does a great job at explaining how everything in BMR-4 works.

It is also worth reinforcing that BMR-4 is a stimulant free supplement, which is not the case with a lot of other weight loss supplements. We’ve always preferred stim-free solutions for many reasons, one of those being that it means you can have stims from other things like pre-workouts, and still get fat loss results.

You can now get your hands on BMR-4 through Jerry Ward’s BIOS3 Training website at He has actually priced the GIFD Labs fat burner pretty competitively if it delivers as well as he says, at $39.99 for a full month’s supply.