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Josh Schall of J. Schall consulting has teamed up once again with PricePlow this week for another financial reports video, this time it involves Once again Josh Schall has done a great job laying out the information and providing a few insights that are well worth sharing.

The news is based on the financial reports from Liberty Expedia, which is the parent company of (Vitalize LLC). One of the significant facts taken away from that report is’s decrease of $25 million (roughly 27%) in revenue compared to last year’s first quarter.

In the report as well as in Josh Schall’s video, provides some points about why its revenue is down the amount that it is. Those reasons include a “2% reduction in the product average order value” and a “27% decrease in store visits” which led to a “decrease in order volumes from the prior year by approximately 24%.”

Another fact that PricePlow discovered is that Liberty Media has put up for sale’s office in Boise, Idaho on Loop Net. You can check out the full financial report for yourself at and watch Josh Schall’s full 14-minute long video on the PricePlow YouTube channel.

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