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BSN launches three Cold Stone Creamery flavors for Syntha-6

While we’ve seen a lot of collaborations from supplement companies over the years, none of them are quite as exciting as what’s surfaced today. Three new flavors of BSN’s Syntha-6 protein powder have been released, all of which the brand has created in partnership with the ice cream parlor, Cold Stone Creamery.

Cold Stone flavors

The flavors are based on and intended to taste like the classic Cold Stone Creamery Signature Creations they’re named after. The mouthwatering flavors are Birthday Cake Remix, Germanchokolatekake (German Chocolate Cake), and Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip.

BSN’s three Cold Stone Creamery Syntha-6 flavors are said to have real cookie bits in them, with Birthday Cake Remix featuring rainbow sprinkles as well. Around their lids, the flavors also have a plastic wrap that reads “amazing ice cream taste”, something that the flavor graphics certainly make that easy to believe.

cold stone creamery syntha-6


Strangely enough, despite the Cold Stone Creamy Syntha-6s all looking and sounding incredibly delicious, their nutrition profiles aren’t that different from the product’s other options. They each have the usual 22g of protein per serving with 14 to 15g of carbohydrates, 4g or less sugar, and a total of 200 calories.

Where to buy

The ever growing retail giant Amazon actually already has all three of BSN’s Cold Stone Creamery collaborations in stock and available for purchase. Birthday Cake Remix, Germanchokolatekake, and Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip Syntha-6 come in the one 25 serving tub size and will cost you $29.99 each.