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Black Market and Inspired’s industry first DVST8 STIM is selling fast

dvst8 stim

Last week Black Market and Inspired launched the first ever collaborative supplement, where the two came together to create the pre-workout DVST8 STIM. The product combines features from each of the brand’s own pre-workouts, with the energy and focus of Black Market’s STIM, and performance and endurance of DVST8.

Since being introduced, DVST8 STIM has been available for pre-order through both Black Market and Inspired’s online stores. The former has the supplement available in its exclusive Tropical Thunder flavor, and the latter has it in its exclusive Wicked Apple flavor.

The reason we’re bringing all of this up again today is that if you’re a fan of either brand and want to try DVST8 STIM, you’ll need to move fast. Both Black Market and Inspired have in fact already sold out of all of the stock they made available to their physical retailers.

What that means is, if your local supplement store wasn’t quick and didn’t order fast enough, buying direct online is your only option. In saying that though, Black Market and Inspired have said their website stock is dwindling, and once it’s gone there is no telling when or if it’ll be back.