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Ground-Based expands into other categories and stays natural and organic

ground based nutrition

A few weeks ago we introduced the company Ground-Based Nutrition, who is all about natural, organic, and plant-based supplements. Unlike most brands that compete in that corner of the market, Ground-Based recently expanded its family of products beyond the world of protein powders.

The all-natural brand now has a handful of Sports Series supplements available, that put it in entirely new categories and stay true to its beliefs. There is Ground-Based’s pre-workout simply named Organic Pre Workout, the electrolyte formula Organic Plant-Based Electrolytes for improved hydration, and Organic Fermented Beets to help with nitric oxide and endurance.

Each of Ground-Based Nutrition’s sports nutrition products is exactly what it’s named and only uses natural, organic, and plant-based ingredients. The formulas behind the brand’s three recently released supplements are all quite interesting and can be found at

If you do visit the Ground-Based Nutrition website and see anything you like, it would be a good idea to make your purchase before the end of today. The reason we say that is because the brand is currently running a sale for Memorial Day where you can get 25% off everything as well as free shipping.