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Labrada releases a half size of its Lean Body protein RTD

lean body rtd

Labrada Nutrition has launched a smaller, fun-sized version of its popular on-the-go protein drink, the Lean Body RTD. Previously the product came in just the one 500ml carton, providing a strong 40g of protein with zero sugar and a total of 280 calories.

Now available from Labrada is as mentioned, a new smaller Lean Body RTD that’s exactly half the size of the original. Its carton measures in at exactly 250ml, half of the 500ml, with also half the nutrition in 20g of protein, still zero sugar, and a total of 140 calories.

Labrada’s latest is already available through its website and at a pretty competitive price. A full case of 16 fun-sized Lean Body RTDs will cost you $26.99 on, although the downside with the smaller option is you only get three flavors to choose from whereas the large one has eight.