Mars’ all-new HiProtein Bars and Protein Flapjacks have arrived

May 8th, 2018

The Mars candy company’s all-new protein-packed snacks have slipped out a few days ahead of their debut at this year’s UK BodyPower Expo. The launch has finally given us full details on the brand’s latest four products which are the Snickers and Mars HiProtein bars, and the Bounty and Snickers Protein Flapjacks.

HiProtein bars

We’ll start things off with information on Mars’ two HiProtein bars, the Snickers HiProtein and the Mars HiProtein. As their names suggest, these two are essentially higher protein versions of the brand’s regular Mars and Snickers protein bars.

The Snickers HiProtein has 22g of protein per bar instead of the regular version’s 18g, and the Mars HiProtein has 21.7g instead of 19g. The rest of the macros in the bars have been scaled up similar to the protein with (Snickers/Mars) 22.3/25.7g of carbohydrates (11.5/15.1g of sugar), 8.6/5.3g of fat, and a total of 242/231 calories.

mars protein flapjacks

Protein Flapjacks

Next are Mars’ Bounty and Snickers Protein Flapjacks. These two are flapjack style protein bars featuring a wholegrain oat base. Their unique build gives them a slightly different nutrition profile compared to the brand’s other bars, as well as a different consistency when you bite into them.

Both of the Bounty and Snickers Protein Flapjacks have the same amount of protein per bar with 16g, although their other macros do differ quite a bit. Those other numbers are (Bounty/Snickers) 23/26.5g of carbohydrates with 6.4/10.2g of that sugar, 6.8/8.8g of fat (3.8/3.2g saturated), for a total of 218/248 calories.

Where to buy

Like the rest of Mars’ family of protein products, its HiProtein bars and Protein Flapjacks can only currently be found in the UK and Europe. It is in the UK that they’ve first shown up for purchase with retailers like Tropicana having the HiProtein bars at £30.41 (41.05 USD) for a box and the Protein Flapjacks at £29.95 (40.43 USD), each with 18 bars per box.