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Grenade launches a repackaged and improved Killa Coffee

killa coffee

The always innovative supplement company Grenade, has relaunched its protein infused, on-the-go, Killa Coffee. The UK brand’s drink has undergone a number of changes for the update, although the overall product is still very much the same, featuring an almost identical nutrition profile and the same amount of caffeine.

Instead of coming in a can, the almost two-year-old item is now packaged in a bottle similar to Grenade’s Carb Killa Shake. Macro-wise it has 2g less protein per drink, with a total of 21g instead of 23g, and still only a gram of sugar, 150mg of caffeine, and slightly fewer calories with 97.

killa coffee

Another change Grenade has made to Killa Coffee that you can’t tell just by looking at, is the taste. The brand has improved the drink’s overall flavor switching to a cold brew technique, that is said to deliver a smoother, more well-rounded coffee flavor.

You can now purchase Grenade’s new and improved Killa Coffee through its UK and European websites. If you buy direct from the brand the updated product will cost you £2.49 (€2.99) per can or you can save 20% and get a case of eight cans for £15.99 (€18.99).