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Novo unveils its Protein Break Bar made with real milk chocolate

novo protein break bar

Novo Nutrition has unveiled its latest creation, and it looks like the innovative brand might have another hit on its hands. The product is called the Protein Break Bar, which is two protein wafers connected together and coated in delicious chocolate.

The upcoming Novo Nutrition protein bar is exactly what we suspected it to be based on the brand’s teaser; a healthier, protein infused Kit Kat. The only details we don’t know yet are any of the Protein Break Bar’s macros, although we suspect with “protein” in its title it will have a good amount of it.

The reason we get excited about Novo Nutrition products is that they’re always enjoyable, so something like the Protein Break Bar will likely be as good as it looks. The brand makes it sound even more delicious by promoting the protein snack as being made with real milk chocolate.