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Oatein Protein Bar Review: Much better bar than it looks

oatein protein bar review

When Oatein announced that it’s launching an all-new protein product that breaks its theme of being an oat-based product, we were a little bit curious. That product turned out to be the Oatein Protein Bar, packing 20g of protein per 60g bar with less than 2g or less of sugar and a total of around 205 calories.

While the Oatein Protein Bars look great in pictures, we weren’t expecting all that much from them as they appear quite similar to others on the market. Fortunately, we did get to give the bars a go and can confirm they are definitely different and well worth trying.

oatein protein bar review


The overall build of the Oatein Protein Bar is surprisingly smooth and very easy to eat. The consistency reminds us a lot of Grenade’s legendary Carb Killa protein bar with a solid chocolate outer coat, a sweet caramel layer, then the main body that as mentioned, is extremely smooth.

While the softness of the Oatein Protein Bar’s body is certainly a highlight, that’s not the best part about it. Where the product delivers the most is in its incredibly sweet taste. Of its four different flavors, the two that stand out the most are Dark Choc Brownie and White Choc & Strawberry.

The Dark Choc Brownie is quite possibly one of the best chocolate flavored protein bars we’ve ever had. As soon as you bite into it you get a delicious hit of sweet chocolate flavor, which turns into a richer brownie experience as you chew through it. It is also filled with hazelnuts that add to the consistency but don’t alter the taste at all.

oatein protein bar review

As for the White Choc & Strawberry, like the Dark Choc Brownie, it is another incredible example of its title flavor. It doesn’t pack too much white chocolate taste, but the strawberry side is very obvious and very sweet. The two flavors combine to create a unique mix of tastes that’s perfect for anyone that enjoys a hint of fruit in their protein bar.


As mentioned, despite looking like a lot of others on the market, the Oatein Protein Bar is definitely different from its many competitors. Not only is the bar an extremely easy product to eat, but it squeezes in an impressive amount of flavor that we imagine will put the Oatein Protein Bar on the top of people’s lists.

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