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PharmaFreak introduces its goBHB pre-workout Ripped Freak Keto

ripped freak keto

PharmaFreak has unveiled a supplement it plans on launching sometime in the near future called Ripped Freak Keto. The product is a part of the brand’s more advanced FreakMode Series, which is currently made up of just two supplements, Andro Freak and the energized amino Muscle Freak.

The upcoming Ripped Freak Keto is a rather complex product combining a couple of categories into the one formula. It is a goBHB ketone infused pre-workout, sort of a hybrid ketogenic pre-workout that the brand is promoting as “The world’s first BHB Ketone pre-workout”.

While Ripped Freak Keto does look interesting, as far as we know, it’s not the world’s first BHB ketone pre-workout. If by that statement the brand means a pre-workout with BHB ketones, then there are already a few out there. Just to name two, there is the seven-month-old Keto Lift from American Metabolix and the even more recent Keto Pre Extreme from Sparta.

Outside of its name, categories, and what it looks like, nothing more has been revealed about PharmaFreak’s upcoming Ripped Freak Keto. As far as the launch of the supplement goes, the brand hasn’t given any kind of timeframe on when it’ll arrive, only that it is “almost here!”