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Redcon1 expands its lineup in the UK to include almost everything


Not too surprisingly, Redcon1, our brand of the year for 2017, has found its way to this year’s BodyPower Expo in the UK. It was already announced earlier this year that the brand was made available in the UK via the supplement retailer, Predator Nutrition.

Redcon1 is now on display and available in Birmingham here at BodyPower this weekend, and with a lot more products than it launched with at Predator. Instead of having ten different supplements, for BodyPower the top rated brand has actually brought all but two of its products.

The only two missing from Redcon1’s BodyPower booth, or at least its price list is its muscle builder Halo and carbohydrate formula Cluster Dextrin. Everything else is here including its game-changing MRE Bar, recently reformulated pre-workout Total War, and nighttime powerhouse, Fade Out.

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