Swole O’Clock starts building excitement for Royal Swole

royal swole

Over the years we’ve seen the bodybuilding watch company Swole O’Clock hype some pretty interesting announcements. Some of those have turned out to be equally exciting, with its most satisfying build up being for the introduction of its high-quality, stainless steel VIP watch.

Swole O’Clock is now hyping yet another big launch that the brand is promoting as its “biggest achievement”. Initially, we didn’t suspect it’d be any more exciting than Swole O’Clock’s previous releases; however, after getting a bit more information, this is going to be something worth following.

royal swole

Swole O’Clock refers to the upcoming product as Royal Swole, and from what we can tell it is a concept timepiece, with the brand saying it’s currently only produced just the one. In pictures, it looks like the watch will have a quality gold body and band, and a skeleton style face, although that may just be what it seems like in teasers.

We suspect we’ll be seeing a lot more images and details revealed about Royal Swole over the next week or so. The reason we say that is because Swole O’Clock is promoting Thursday the 24th of this month, as the day it plans on officially introducing, or at least completely unveiling the watch.

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