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Tasty Crunch Review: Not as similar to competitors as it looks

While we do tend to review a lot of protein bars here at Stack3d, the main reason behind that is because the industry keeps pumping them out. We do however try our best only to review protein snacks that have a point of difference or are at least worth putting in the spotlight.

Earlier this year, Adaptogen added a protein bar to its family of Tasty protein products called Tasty Crunch. In pictures, the bar actually looks like a lot of others we’ve seen with a doughy center, crispy pieces on top, and a chocolate coating. The overall build appears to be very similar to the likes of ProSupps’ MyBar and MusclePharm’s Combat Crunch.

Despite it looking like something we’ve had before, today we ripped open a packet of Adaptogen’s Tasty Crunch to give it a try. Surprisingly the protein bar is quite a bit different from the other crispy, candy style bars on the market. It has some similarities, but enough differences to surprise us.

tasty crunch review


The big standout with Adaptogen’s Tasty Crunch is that the main protein center isn’t the usual one big doughy block. In this product it is broken up into two even halves, one is a crumbly, chewy base and the other is a very sweet and smooth chocolate, that you could almost describe as a chocolate cream.

There are crispy pieces sprinkled across the top of Tasty Crunch, although nowhere as much as the likes of MyBar and Combat Crunch. As mentioned the product is also topped with a coat of chocolate, however that inside layer of sweet chocolate cream kind of steals the show in terms of chocolate taste.

tasty crunch review

For those interested in the macros of Tasty Crunch, they’re pretty straightforward. Each bar provides a slightly lighter than usual 18g of protein, 15g of carbohydrates with 3g of that fiber and 4g sugar, 9g of fat (5g saturated), and a total of 200 calories.


Adaptogen has genuinely done a good job with Tasty Crunch, giving it a handful of features that make it a bit different from the rest of the pack. While it does stand out from the other crispy candy protein bars, those differences are quite small, and if you don’t pay enough attention when eating it, you may feel like you’ve had this one before.

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