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Ultimate Nutrition launches its caffeine infused gum Blast Caps

ultimate nutrition blast caps

In this past year we’ve heard more from Ultimate Nutrition than any other regarding new supplement releases. At FIBO early last month the brand actually previewed two entirely new products with the Gold Series fat burner Gold Burn, and the gaming formula Cheat Code.

Ultimate Nutrition has now revealed and released yet another supplement called Blast Caps. This type of product is, in fact, not something we see all that often from major brands. The brand’s new Blast Caps is chewing gum infused with caffeine and B vitamins to give you energy.

The new Blast Caps from Ultimate Nutrition packs 100mg of caffeine per piece, which is promoted as being able to give you energy within five minutes. Each of Blast Caps’ shotgun shell style tubes comes with five pieces of gum and will cost you as low as $8.33 through