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Warrior welcomes its six piece essential style Core Series

warrior core series

The UK supplement company Warrior has introduced a new family of basic products called the Core Series. The line is made up of all of your essential type supplements featuring various vitamins, minerals, and herbs, and all at your typical, low, basic style prices.

Included in the new Warrior Core Series is Turmeric, Creatine featuring creatine monohydrate, MACA, the fish oil formula Omega, BCAA, and the multi-vitamin appropriately named Multi. The products all come in capsule form and feature only their title ingredients, except for Multi which obviously has a combination of vitamins and minerals.

Almost all of Warrior’s new Core Series supplements are already in stock and available through the UK retailer Bodybuilding Warehouse. Surprisingly despite all of the products featuring different ingredients, they’re all priced exactly the same at £9.99 (13.25 USD) per bottle.