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4+ Nutrition launches a shot product for the other end of your day

4 plus shot relax

Alongside its on-the-go energy and focus enhancing Shot + Focus, 4+ Nutrition has launched another shot supplement for the opposite kind of experience. The other new product is Shot + Relax, featuring a formula designed to help you relax and that comes packed in a convenient liquid shot.

Much like Shot + Focus, 4+ Nutrition’s Shot + Relax squeezes just a handful of ingredients into its 40ml form to deliver a variety of handy benefits. Those ingredients are all included to help with anxiety, stress, and relaxation, as well as make it easier to get to sleep at night.

The short and sweet formula behind 4+ Nutrition’s Shot + Relax brings together six main ingredients, all of which are transparently dosed. A full shot provides 100mg each of tryptophan, golden poppy, and lemon balm, 150mg of passionflower, 50mg of valerian, and 1mg of the classic sleep compound melatonin.

As per usual, 4+ Nutrition has made its all-new Shot + Relax available first through its own Italian online store at The price on a full 24 shot case of the product in the one Lemon Lime flavor is the same as Shot + Focus at €48 (56.38 USD), which works out to just €2 per shot.