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ANS lineup gets two basics products, CLA 3K and Creatine HCl

ans cla 3k

Sometime over the past few months, ANS Performance added two new simple supplements to its lineup which are as straightforward as they’re named. The basic style products are CLA 3K for weight loss support and Creatine HCl for muscle building.

ANS Performance’s CLA 3K is a CLA only formula featuring a one gram blend of conjugated linoleic acid and safflower per softgel. You then have the brand’s Creatine HCl, featuring of course only creatine HCl, at a dose of 750mg in each of its 90 capsules.

Both of the ANS Performance supplements can be found in various retailers around the world, although only CLA 3K is listed on the brand’s website. At the moment the ANS site actually has CLA on sale, discounted down from $24.99 to $14.99.