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Redcon1’s delicious Sprinkled Donut MRE Bar has arrived

sprinkled donut mre bar

Redcon1’s second new flavor for its incredibly enjoyable MRE Bar, is finally available for purchase. That new flavor is the delicious Sprinkled Donut MRE Bar, which has a relatively sweet vanilla cake batter taste and rainbow sprinkles spread throughout the bar.

As per usual, Redcon1 has launched its latest product with a special deal to make it worth picking up more than just the Sprinkled Donut MRE Bar. The price on the new release is the same as usual at $34.99 for a box of 12 bars, or $27.99 if you use your exclusive Stack3d Insider coupon code.

Where the deal comes in is if your purchase manages to total over $50 after discount, Redcon1 will throw in a free “Army Strong” tee. A box of MRE Bars and Total War is more than enough to qualify you for the freebie, which has six sizes to choose from in small to XXXL.

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