MRE Bar Review: Sprinkled Donut and Peanut Butter Cup further its reputation

mre bar review

Earlier this year Redcon1 really changed the game with its MRE Bar, that immediately shot up our list of top five bars on the market. The major highlight of the product is its incredible consistency, as because it uses a very different set of ingredients compare do most protein bars, it doesn’t have that traditional tough and chewy texture.

Today we’ve got our review of Redcon1’s two new MRE Bar flavors it plans on launching soon with Crunchy Peanut Butter Cup and Sprinkled Donut. They both have the usual MRE Bar nutritional profile providing 20g of protein, 29g of carbohydrates with 6g of that sugar and 3g fiber, 9g of fat, and a total of 260 calories.


Both of Redcon1’s new MRE Bar flavors maintain that enjoyable consistency from the product’s first three flavors. When you bite into the bars, they almost crumble around you and break up very easily. They don’t leave you chewing long after you’ve taken a bite, which as mentioned, is one of the reasons we consider the MRE Bar a true game changer.

mre bar review

As far as the actual tastes of the bars go, they shine through just as much as the MRE Bar’s three originals. The Sprinkled Donut flavor is a lot like it’s name, featuring a vanilla cake batter flavor that doesn’t come across too sweet, but sweet enough to associate it with its title taste. There are also rainbow sprinkles scattered throughout the bar, although they’re not something we feel add anything to the flavor.

The Crunchy Peanut Butter Cup is our favorite of the two new MRE Bars, mostly because it manages to evenly combine both chocolate and peanut butter flavors. The tastes actually stand out at different times while you eat away at the bar. Sometimes the sweet chocolate is the star of the bar, but then you take another bite and get a strong hit of peanut butter, creating that noticeable, balanced, and enjoyable mix of the two strong flavors.

mre bar review


Redcon1’s upcoming MRE Bars really just further strengthen the protein bar’s already strong reputation. They feature everything there is to like about the first flavors but with new, exciting, and noticeably present tastes. They also give the MRE Bar fans slightly more common options to choose from, as its originals are all quite unique flavors that you won’t find available for many other bars.

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