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Chaos and Pain’s Bacchus is built for anxiety, mood and more

chaos and pain bacchus

Chaos and Pain has released everything you need to know about its exciting “neuro magnifier” Bacchus. It is actually quite a unique product that is a little bit different from what we expected but based on what the brand is saying, it does sound very promising.

One of the main ingredients in Bacchus is sceletium tortuosum dosed at a gram per serving, which is sort of what Chaos and Pain has based the formula around. Sceletium tortuosum is a plant with anti-anxiety, mood enhancing, and immune function benefits.

As great as Chaos and Pain is making sceletium tortuosum sound, that’s not all it has thrown into Bacchus. Alongside the sceletium tortuosum is 100mg each of theanine, 150mg of caffeine for energy, hordenine, and 5HTP, 200mg each of vitamin C and rhodiola, and 250mg of PEA.

Another detail worth sharing for Bacchus is that it can be stacked with Chaos and Pain’s nootropic Cannibal Genius, for what it describes as the “cleanest, most vibrant and intelligent euphoria”. The original Genius was, in fact, our favorite focus supplement, so this stack sounds like something we have to try.

According to Chaos and Pain, Bacchus is due to release sometime later this month through its website When it arrives, it’ll be available for $44.99 for a full 90 capsule bottle, which we assume provides the usual amount of servings at 30.