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MusclePharm’s competitive Costco exclusive Combat gets another flavor

combat protein powder

For quite some time, MusclePharm has had an exclusive 5lb tub size available at Costco for its Combat Protein Powder. The one catch with the value size supplement is that the wholesale retailer only has it in the one flavor with Cookies ‘N’ Cream.

MusclePharm has now expanded on its Costco exclusive Combat Protein Powder by increasing the size of its menu with the release of another flavor option. Shoppers have finally been given a second taste to choose from for the protein product with a traditional Chocolate Milk flavor.

You can already find the 5lb Chocolate Milk Combat Protein Powder on Costco’s website for the same competitive price of $39.99. The value of the Costco exclusive is still tough to beat, as places like Muscle & Strength don’t even have 4lbs of Combat for less than that.