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Compounds Solutions compares PeakO2 and beta-alanine for performance

peako2 vs beta-alanine

Compound Solutions, the company behind a number of popular ingredients such as TeaCrine and Dynamine. Has put together a rather interesting post that compares its PeakO2 performance blend to the more commonly used beta-alanine.

The post is titled “PeakO2 — The Better Beta-Alanine” and it goes over the pros of PeakO2 and beta-alanine, then stacks their highlights against one another. The ingredients are both known for their performance enhancing abilities, so Compound Solutions’ breakdown and explanation is well worth reading if you’re a fan of performance supplements.

peako2 vs beta-alanine

Compound Solutions summarizes that PeakO2 is “faster-acting and arguably more effective.” It backs that up with points such as its benefits take one to three weeks to be seen, it uses a different mechanism of action (how it works), doesn’t come with any tingling sensation, and is a whole food, certified organic ingredient.

You can read the full post and discussion of beta-alanine and PeakO2 on Compound Solutions’ website. It is also worth mentioning that you can simply combine the two performance ingredients, but if you have to choose just one, Compound Solutions makes a strong argument that PeakO2 should be the way to go.

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