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Northbound combines aminos and coconut water for Hydroholic


Fans of Northbound Nutrition now have a new hydration supplement they can add to their stacks called Hydroholic. Like all good products in the category, the brand’s latest creation is simply designed to help improve hydration, although the supplement does sneak in other ingredients for added effects.

To deliver on its primary goal of improving hydration, Northbound Nutrition has packed Hydroholic with electrolytes from half a gram of coconut water. Alongside that, the product also has half a gram of taurine, 250mg each of glutamine and carnitine tartrate, and 2g of BCAAs to provide muscle aiding benefits.


Northbound Nutrition’s all-new Hydroholic is now available from its website at $25.99 for a full 30 serving tub. The brand has launched the supplement with two tastes to choose from, both sugar-free and naturally flavored in Fishbowl Punch and Lemon Shakeup.