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ioBCAA proven to provide a 160% increase in leucine absorption


Plasma Nutrition, the company responsible for the Ingredient Optimized┬« technology that makes Performix’s ioWhey Protein such a game-changing supplement. Has debuted another truly unique ingredient that combines its innovative technology with branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) to drastically enhance their bioavailability.

The introduction of what Plasma Nutrition is calling ioBCAA has come backed by a double-blinded university study comparing 10g of ioBCAA to 10g of regular BCAAs. Results from the study show a 160% increase in the absorption of leucine, a 218% increase for isoleucine, and a massive 344% increase for valine.

You can read the official press release from Plasma Nutrition providing a full breakdown of the ioBCAA study on its website. After seeing what Performix did with the company’s ioWhey Protein, we look forward to seeing what comes of ioBCAA, especially with the positive research behind it.