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Performix Protein Cookie Review: Soft, crumbly and filled with chocolate bits

Earlier this year Performix officially relaunched its Protein Cookie with improved flavor and texture. We never actually got to try the original but have managed to get our hands on version two of the Performix Protein Cookie to find out for ourselves just how good the protein snack is.

As a quick rundown on the new Performix Protein Cookie, depending on the flavor, each cookie provides 15 to 16g of protein from eggs, milk, and whey isolate. The other macros are 20 to 21g of carbohydrates with only a gram of that sugar, 21 to 22g of fat (6g saturated), for a total of 330 calories.

performix protein cookie review


As mentioned, we can’t compare the new Performix Protein Cookie to the original, but can definitely say the consistency of the updated version is not that bad. It’s not thick or chewy like some of the other protein cookies on the market; it’s actually quite soft and crumbly as even in your hands it can break into pieces when held too tightly.

The flavor of the Performix Protein Cookie is also not too bad with either of its options, Chocolate Chunk and Caramel Chocolate Pecan. The cookie’s body has a rather plain taste to it; however, it is filled with chocolate chips, and in the Caramel Chocolate Pecan, you obviously get some pecans as well. Those little bits and pieces provide some strong flavor, especially when you hit clusters of chocolate.

While that does make it sound like Performix’s Protein Cookie doesn’t taste great unless you hit some chunks, that’s not necessarily the case. Fortunately, the cookie has a good amount of chunks spread throughout, giving you a consistent chocolate and pecan flavor from start to finish.

performix protein cookie review


Compared to what we had heard about the first Performix Protein Cookie, the improved followup is surprisingly good. The biggest highlight of it is its brittle consistency, which makes it very different from the many other protein cookies out there and helps truly set it apart from its competitors.

We would have liked to see bigger chunks in the cookie to add a bit more sweetness to the snack, although as mentioned it does have lots of little ones. It’d also be great to see more Protein Cookie flavors from Performix, as while its current two do have points of difference, they are quite similar.