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Onnit releases a slightly more cost-effective tub of Alpha Brain Instant

alpha brain instant tub

The reputable fitness and supplement company Onnit, has launched a more cost-effective version of its focus-enhancing formula Alpha Brain Instant. The product itself is essentially a powder version of the brand’s capsule focus enhancer Alpha Brain, although with slightly higher amounts of some features.

The new version of Onnit’s Alpha Brain Instant is a simple 30 serving tub, as opposed to the original Alpha Brain Instant’s box of 30 stick packs. Formula wise it features all of the same ingredients at all of the same doses including 350mg of cat’s claw and a 1.15g blend of tyrosine, theanine, oat extract, and phosphatidylserine.

As mentioned, Onnit’s new tub of Alpha Brain Instant is slightly more cost-effective than the original stick packs. It has the same amount of servings but from it’ll cost you $55.95 instead of the sticks price of $59.95, with the one flavor to choose from at the moment in Natural Peach.

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