ATP Science introduces Resilience, its potent immune support formula

atp science resilience

ATP Science has finally introduced the second entry into its 4 Pillars Of Health Series, which was all started a few months ago with the launch of the modbiotic GutRight. Following on from GutRight is the Australian brand’s potent, immune support supplement, Resilience.

The all-new Resilience from ATP Science has been designed to support a healthy immune system. The brand says the product may assist in reducing the signs and symptoms of the common cold, help kill infections, and normalize your immune system whether it be in need of a boost or lowered due to being overactivated.

ATP Science has brought together a unique mix of ingredients for Resilience with herbs and spices that have been sourced from around the globe. Each capsule is said to contain the fresh plant equivalent of 15g of reishi, 25g of amla, 12.5g of turmeric root, 2.25g of frankincense, 3.75g of myrrh, and 5g of Chinese wormwood leaf.

Resilience is due to launch in Australia on August 1st through ATP Science’s online store and in stores as early as the following day. If you’d like to know more about the supplement, the brand has put together a very thorough explanation covering everything you need to know about Resilience on its website.