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ISO-Cream is getting a Birthday Cake flavor and a creamier formula

birthday cake iso cream

Blackstone Labs’ delicious protein ice cream, ISO-Cream has been confirmed to be getting its first new flavor. Since the protein packed product launched earlier this year, fans have had three options to choose from in Mint Chocolate Chip, Vanilla Cookie Dough, and our favorite, Chocolate Chip.

ISO-Cream, which has a leaner nutrition profile than a lot of protein bars, is soon going to be available in a Birthday Cake flavor. The good news doesn’t actually end there, as the new option is also bringing with it a creamier formula that will eventually be carried over to the product’s three original flavors.

Blackstone Labs has yet to confirm when the Birthday Cake ISO-Cream will be available or when it will switch to the new, creamier formula. The product was already quite an enjoyable protein ice cream, so we’ll definitely be giving this updated version a try to see how much better it is when it becomes available.