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Her Nighttime Burn promises to promote fat loss while you sleep

her nighttime burn

The women’s marketed supplement company NLA For Her, has added an all-new product to its lineup this week with Her Nighttime Burn. At first it sounds like another stimulant free fat burner, although it does come with a few other benefits not typically found in a weight loss formulas.

NLA’s Her Nighttime Burn features a combination of ingredients to help you relax and relieve stress, get quality sleep, and burn fat while you sleep. At the moment the brand has only confirmed the ingredients in the supplement, with no clear enough label revealing the doses of anything.

The Her Nighttime Burn formula is divided up into four groups of features for sleep, recovery, weight loss, and adrenal support. For sleep there is melatonin and GABA; recovery it’s passion flower, tryptophan, alpha-GPC, and camomile; CLA and acetyl l-carnitine for weight loss; and for adrenal support, there is 5-HTP, phosphatidylserine, and ashwagandha.

As per usual, the first place with stock of the latest supplement from NLA For Her is the brand’s own website at Through there you can now grab Her Nighttime Burn at $29.99 for a full 60 capsule bottle providing a total of 30 servings.

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