ANS Performance launches its hybrid Ketosys formula KetoVita

Jul 26th, 2018

ANS Performance has officially launched the third supplement in its keto themed Ketosys Series, with the hybrid formula KetoVita. As previously confirmed the product is the rather unique combination of BHB ketones and a small list of essential vitamins.

Alongside the official launch of KetoVita, ANS has finally shared the full facts panel for the supplement. We did already know what kind of ingredients we’d be in for with the product, however now we know exactly how much of each ingredient you get per serving.


You can see the complete list of features in KetoVita above in its label, revealing as promised, a mix of essential vitamins and BHB ketones. Some of the highlights from a single scoop include 50mg of coconut water, a full 6g of goBHB branded ketones, and 40mcg of vitamin K2.

ANS Performance has made its new KetoVita available first through its own online store located at A full 30 serving tub of the supplement will cost you $54.99 with two tastes to choose from in Peach Mango and the slightly more creative Sour Gummy Blast.