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Kodiak targets sleep and recovery with its new Anabolic Coma

kodiak anabolic coma

Kodiak has revealed that it is launching a new product for one of our favorite supplement categories, with a formula called Anabolic Coma. That favorite category of our’s is nighttime recovery, as in our experience those types of recovery supplements are always better at delivering noticeable effects.

Kodiak’s Anabolic Coma is a fully transparent formula aiming to help get you to sleep, ensure it’s quality, deep sleep, and most importantly, improve overnight recovery. The brand has brought together quite the combination of ingredients for the product to provide those benefits, with its total number of active ingredients being well over ten.

kodiak anabolic coma

To deliver its promising experience, Kodiak Anabolic Coma is packed with three sets of ingredients. There is the Deep REM matrix including highlights such as half a gram of phenibut and 2g of GABA, the amino infused Growth Hormone Matrix, and lastly, the Adrenal Reset and Stress Relief System featuring half a gram of KSM-66 branded ashwagandha.

If you like the look of Kodiak’s latest supplement, you’re not actually going to be waiting too long to get your hands on it. The brand plans on launching Anabolic Coma in just five days’ time on Tuesday the 17th of this month, with two 30 serving flavors to choose from in Lemon Drop and Rainbow Fruit.