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Redcon1 announces it’s about to sign the biggest thing in fitness

redcon1 new athlete

The brand of the year for 2017, Redcon1, has announced that it’s signed the biggest thing in fitness. What the brand means by that is it’s signed a new athlete to its team, although the big question is of course, who is the athlete?

Redcon1 has yet to name the person, but to get some hype going, it has shared a silhouette, that we can only assume belongs to the athlete himself. Based on the silhouette it looks like the brand is bringing onboard a major bodybuilder, sporting an open category physique.

There are a few names that come to mind when we look at the silhouette such as the Beast Roelly Winklaar, Flexatron Shawn Rhoden, or even the reigning Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath. We can however, cross out Roelly, because as far as we know he is still with Yamamoto Nutrition.

Redcon1 will be making its big announcement of who the mystery athlete is, in less than one week’s time on Tuesday of next week.

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