Ronnie’s Vital Edition Series now includes a protein tablet

Jul 2nd, 2018
ronnie coleman vital edition series

Since being introduced to Ronnie Coleman’s Vital Edition Series, made up of a wide variety of basic supplements, over one year ago. The brand has expanded on the lineup and added even more products to it which we thought we’d go over today.

From what we can see there are at least three additions to Ronnie Coleman’s Vital Edition Series. Like all of the others, they’re pretty straightforward supplements with two single ingredient formulas and one that’s slightly less basic.

The single ingredient formulas are L-Arginine and HMB XS with the former featuring 800mg of arginine HCl in each capsule, and the latter packing a gram of HMB per capsule. The last item is Amino Tabs XS, a tablet product made of whey and milk protein, providing 8g of protein per six tablet serving.

You can find all three of the more recent Ronnie Coleman Signature Series basics on its website. The brand’s European distributor Prometeus also just got its hands on HMB and Amino Tabs XS, so if you’re in that area, you can look forward to seeing those on shelves soon.