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RSP Nutrition has a new whey protein that costs $39.97 for 5lbs

rsp whey

Following on from the release of its first ever and very delicious looking edible supplement, Protein Brownie. Details have surfaced on a new protein powder from RSP Nutrition, which is slightly different from the protein product it launched three years ago, despite having the same name.

RSP Nutrition’s latest protein powder is simply named RSP Whey, and like the original, it features a blend of whey concentrate and isolate, as well as milk protein. The main differences appear to be in its nutrition profile and price point, as the new supplement comes in a bigger tub, has more carbohydrates and a lower price.

Per serving, RSP Whey provides a strong 28g of protein, 7g of carbohydrates with 4g of that sugar, 2.5g of fat (1.5g saturated), and a total calorie count of 160. The product comes in large 5lb tubs with a price of $39.97, whereas the other RSP Whey comes in 4lb tubs and currently costs $49.97.

The all-new RSP Whey is now available for purchase alongside the original version over at The online stores has the RSP Nutrition protein powder in stock in the same flavors as the three-year-old one with Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, and Vanilla.