Stack3d Certified revamped for 2018 as a more complete certification

stack3d certified

Back in 2014, we launched a certification program for supplement companies called Stack3d Certified. It was designed to help honest brands show that their protein powders are not amino spiked in any way and provide the amount of protein they claim on their label.

For 2018 we’re revamping Stack3d Certified and transforming it into a more complete testing program. Instead of being just for protein powders, it is now a certification for a brand’s entire line of supplements which does still include proteins, but also products such as fat burners, aminos, and pre-workouts.

The way it works is interested brands will sign up and agree to the program with Stack3d. Then, once every three months we’ll purchase a randomly selected supplement from the brand, from a random retailer. That supplement will be sent directly to the lab and tested for the doses and ingredients it lists on its label.

For protein powders we’ll be getting the lab to test for macros such as protein, carbs and fat, and for complex products like pre-workouts and fat burners, it’ll be for their main ingredients. Say for example a pre-workout claims 8g of pure citrulline; it’ll be tested to see exactly how much citrulline it has.

Once the Stack3d Certified testing process is complete, we’ll run through the results to make sure everything is in order. The primary goal of the program is to help honest brands prove that what they claim on their labels is in their supplements. If you’d like to talk to us further about the program you can reach out through our contact page.

To kick things off, we’ve partnered with a number of big name supplement companies that have already agreed to prove their products. The list includes Olympus Labs, Genius, the growing Redcon1, Sparta Nutrition, and the original transparent company, Nutrabio.

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