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Quest Pizza now available for purchase online in boxes of six

quest pizza

Earlier this week we shared everything you need to know about Quest Nutrition’s all-new, protein-packed Quest Pizza. The delicious looking product provides between 54 to 60g of protein and 660 to 780 calories per pizza, comes in three flavors, and is now available from Target at $6.99.

Following on from that exciting launch, we have news of a place online where you can order Quest Pizza. Quest Nutrition’s own website is now listing two of its three pizzas in stock and available with 4-Cheese and Pepperoni; however you do have to purchase the product in boxes of six.

Over at the new Quest Pizzas will cost you $65.94 per box with shipping included, which works out to $10.99 per pizza. That is obviously a lot more than Target’s individual price of $6.99, although it’s not too bad of an option for those that don’t want to leave the comfort of their home.