Max Effort Muscle’s Amphetamax is built for focus and productivity


Amphetamax is the latest supplement creation from the direct-to-consumer only brand, Max Effort Muscle. It is a caffeine-free, cognitive enhancement formula that’s primarily designed to provide you with a steady stream of focus and energy, as well as increase productivity.

Max Effort Muscle’s new Amphetamax can really be used whenever and wherever you need its benefits, whether that be at work, for study, a workout, or gaming. Here at Stack3d, we’re big fans of focus and productivity supplements, as they always come in handy when you need to get work done that you don’t have time for or are at least tight on time.


For those interested in the formula behind Amphetamax, it has quite the variety of ingredients, although most of them are wrapped up in a non-transparent blend. You can see its full list of features above including ingredients such as DMAE, cats claw, phosphatidylserine, and 200mg of AlphaSize alpha-GPC.

You can now pre-order Amphetamax through the only place you can get Max Effort Muscle supplements at It is priced the same as all of the brand’s other products at $34.99 for a full 20 serving bottle, with pre-orders due to ship three days from now on Monday the 6th.