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Applied’s Critical Mass turned into a lean gainer with only a gram of sugar

applied nutrition critical mass

The UK company Applied Nutrition has put together a fresh new version of its mass protein formula, Critical Mass. The brand has turned the supplement into more of a lean mass protein formula, lowering all of its macros, most of all its sugar.

Applied Nutrition’s new Critical Mass is still a fairly calorie dense protein shake. Each serving of the product provides 42g of protein, 75g of carbohydrates with only a single gram of that sugar, and a total of 566 calories, which is a significant drop from the previous version’s 909.

To make Critical Mass a bit different from other gainers, Applied Nutrition has also packed it with a few extra ingredients. On top of the macros, the supplement features 5g of creatine for strength, AstraGin to enhance absorption, enzymes for digestion, 5g leucine, and 2g of HMB.

Applied Nutrition plans on launching the all-new, significantly lower sugar Critical Mass very soon over in the UK. It’ll be hitting shelves in a massive 6kg bag which packs a large 100 scoops, with no flavors confirmed just yet although we imagine it’ll have a few to choose from.