Black Market’s pre-workouts now come in single-serving stick packs

Aug 7th, 2018
black market stick packs

The original underground supplement company Black Market, has launched a new way for you to try all five of its different pre-workout products. It has put together single-serving, stick packs versions of Fit, Tone, STIM, and its two AdreNOlyn formulas, Bulk and Cuts.

Black Market is selling the stick packs in kits made up of a custom BlenderBottle and a total of seven sticks. There is just the one flavor available for each product with Juice Box for Fit, Raspberry Lemonade for Tone, Tiger’s Blood for STIM, and AdreNOlyn Bulk in Blue Raspberry and Cuts in Fruit Punch.

If you’d like to grab any of Black Market’s new stick pack kits you can do so through its online store at The price on the sample sets is the same regardless of which pre-workout you’d like to try at $14.99.