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Birthday Cake Carb Killa Review: The birthday cake bar we’ve been waiting for

Over the years the legendary Carb Killa protein bar from Grenade has delivered some incredible flavors. To this day the brand’s masterpiece and our favorite flavor is still the delicious White Chocolate Cookie, although it does have other greats such as Peanut Butter and the limited edition Banana Armor.

Recently Grenade launched its almost legendary Carb Killa in an all-new Birthday Cake flavor that we finally managed to get our hands on for review. We haven’t really liked any of the Birthday Cake protein bars we’ve tried so far, however as we’ve seen it do many times before, Carb Killa has made the common flavor something we can enjoy.

birthday cake carb killa review


When you first see the Birthday Cake Carb Killa you immediately think it’s just as its title says; a Birthday Cake flavored protein bar. It’s topped with rainbow sprinkles that give it that Birthday Cake look as well as add that familiar Birthday Cake sweetness and texture.

Once you bite into the protein bar, however, you quickly realize Grenade has once again done something a bit different. The Birthday Cake Carb Killa actually tastes like a rainbow sprinkle version of its legendary White Chocolate Cookie, as the main body is filled with a sweet white chocolate flavor.

birthday cake carb killa review

When the bar’s white chocolate outside, creamy middle, and rainbow sprinkles roll together, you get kind of a mix between a cake batter, birthday cake taste, and white chocolate. The combination is certainly surprising although very welcome, as it’s a nice change of pace compared to the other birthday cake bars out there.


Not too surprisingly, Grenade has delivered once again with its Birthday Cake Carb Killa. It is yet another great flavor for the long-running and still well-rated protein bar. If you’re a fan of protein-packed Birthday Cake or white chocolate bars, it’s definitely worth a try.

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