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Cereal Milk Protein Popcorn Review: As delicious as you’d expect

When we first tried Icon Meals’ protein packed Protein Popcorn all those years ago, we immediately became fans. It wasn’t, unfortunately, something we wanted to have all of the time as the macros are not as favorable compared to some of your more traditional health snacks like protein bars.

When Ghost announced that it partnered with Icon Meals for a Protein Popcorn made with its unique Cereal Milk Ghost Whey, we knew we had to give it a try. This week we finally picked up a bag of the exciting collaboration from our local GNC to see if it’s as good as we hoped it would be.

cereal milk protein popcorn review


If you haven’t tried Icon Meals Protein Popcorn before, it is incredibly sweet, and so it should be with the Cereal Milk flavor packing 60g of sugar alongside 40g of protein per bag. As soon as you bite into the Ghost and Icon snack, you get a very strong, sugary hit, that’s almost like the taste of a light layer of icing.

Once you get through that enjoyable first layer, you get to the title relevant popcorn center, which only really adds a traditional popcorn consistency to the experience. That delicious outside layer delivers such a heavy flavor that it’s essentially all you taste from start to finish, and that’s certainly not a bad thing.

cereal milk protein popcorn review

You can kind of taste the Cereal Milk flavor in the mix of it all, regardless of how many pieces you throw in your mouth, but it’s nowhere near as strong as in the Ghost Whey protein powder itself. That sweet, sugary flavor truly dominates the experience, although that does make it difficult to put the bag down.


It’s no surprise Icon and Ghost’s Cereal Milk Protein Popcorn tastes great, as every other flavor we’ve tried of the product is just as delicious. The Ghost Whey flavor does bring a somewhat distinct taste to the table, resulting in a protein and calorie dense product that we imagine most people will enjoy.

This supplement review is presented in partnership with Generation Iron