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Inspired already hinting at the release of a new and improved DVST8

inspired dvst8

The reputable and top quality supplement company Inspired, has shared a teaser that we feel should make fans of its pre-workout DVST8, quite excited. The teaser is just a few sentences alongside an image; however, it’s enough to hint to us that something pretty big is coming down the pipeline.

Inspired’s teaser features a case full of diamonds and is joined by the following words. “2015- DVST8 Black Diamond Reserve enters the hands of athletes and forever changes their opinion on Pre-Workout formulas. We exposed the industry. We became imitated. We became targeted. But most of all, we became the people’s brand. This time, it’s time to shine.”

As vague as Inspired seems to be in both the words and the image, the teaser for us hints at only thing. Seeing as the brand is obviously talking about its pre-workout DVST8 as well as the future “This time, it’s time to shine.” We can’t help but think Inspired is preparing to unleash a new and improved version of DVST8.


While the current DVST8 isn’t all that old, launching earlier this year, it wouldn’t be the first time the brand quickly replaces a newly released DVST8. Back in 2016 when Inspired originally introduced the top-rated DVST8 White Cut, just a few months later it replaced it with a more powerful and better-tasting version.

At the moment we are just taking a guess at what Inspired has coming soon, although the vague details do all seem to be pointing in the one direction. If we are in fact in for a new and improved DVST8, it’ll definitely be a supplement worth trying since the current version is already a very effective pre-workout.

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