Sparta turns Kraken Pump into a focus infused pump pre-workout

kraken pump

One of the many previously released supplements Sparta Nutrition has reformulated for its 2018 rebrand and relaunch is Kraken Pump. The brand has actually transformed the muscle pump enhancing product into something a bit different so it offers more than just better pumps.

Sparta Nutrition has reformulated Kraken Pump into a pump pre-workout that helps enhance mental focus as well. Ingredients wise, the brand has removed everything from the original formula except HydroMax glycerol, which has remained at the exact same dose of 2g per maximum serving.

kraken pump

Now sitting alongside HydroMax in the updated Kraken Pump is 200mg of pine bark extract and 300mg of the increasingly popular, branded pump ingredient Vaso6. As mentioned, there is also a focus side to the supplement, which comes from the nootropic energy ingredient alpha-GPC dosed at 600mg per maximum serving.

Sparta Nutrition’s website is one of the first places you can get the new Kraken Pump at just $24.99 for a full-size, 20 maximum serving tub. It comes in three flavors that both Kraken and Kraken Black are available in with Bombsicle, Sour Gummy Bear, and Rainbow Candy, as well as a convenient Unflavored option.